Sea Freight

Sea Freight

Using an International sea freight service sounds complicated and difficult. It doesn’t have to be that way. Delpak has provided a reliable, cost effective , less than a container load ( LCL ) sea  freight shipping service in Geelong for ten years.

With no account required and engaging with the many returning international students and highly sought Geelong professionals taking up job vacancies all over the world, Delpak has a convenient sea freight service that is personalised and efficient. With a quick response local freight pick up, the LCL sea freight journey begins. From loose cartons, to large shipments with awkward items and furniture, Delpak offers the solutions you require.

LCL sea freight can either be sent door to depot, which is the most cost effective service or door to door with the shipment delivered to your doorstep. Sea freight is a reliable service that is perfect for bulky shipments from one cubic metre onwards. It is the cheapest international shipping option.Sea freight prices are based on volume so to offer the most competitive rates Delpak can send multiple cartons loose. With a machine pallet wrapping service, multiple cartons and awkward items can be packed and wrapped onto an export compliant pallet for added security.

Delpak can provide sailing schedules and anticipated arrival times with trans-shipment advice as your freight goes through major cargo handling ports. Delpak will collect your personal effects from Geelong and safely sea freight them to your destination anywhere in the world. We provide a local pick up, expert packaging service and materials, cargo labelling and prepare all your shipping documents. Let us provide you with a friendly, cost effective, efficient sea freight service with nothing for you to worry about.

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