Brochure Holders

Expanda-stand brochure holders has developed a world class range of brochure holders display and brochure rack systems.
Our products include brochure rack systems, display trolleys, display carousels, business card holders, plastic postcard holders and wall display systems.

Brochure holders display systems come in modular designs and all brochure display systems can be mixed and matched to suit differing brochure sizes.
The modular design allows any number of display variations and the flexibility to continually alter or expand the brochure holders display system as the need arises.

A fully integrated expanda-stand brochure rack system offers you a solution to every imaginable display application.
Expanda-stand brochure and brochure rack systems are portable, flexible, easy to assemble and easily transportable to high traffic areas for maximum exposure.

Simply the Most Unique and Advanced Brochure Holder Display System Available

Brochure Holders

Full height support designed to:

  • Provide maximum impact
  • Eliminate “floppy” literature
  • Rear brochures retain 50% exposure
  • Unique interlocking components allow for easy mixing and matching

Postcard Holders

Can be displayed as:

  • Wall Display
  • Carousel
  • Counter Display
  • Trolley
  • Foyer Stand

Brochure Trolley

The perfect portable display:

  • Ideal for high traffic areas
  • Fitted with lockable castors for added stability and safety
  • Enables large capacity for brochures and postcard holders

Business Card Holders

Available in either Horizontal or Vertical.

  • For use on Counters or as Clip-ons.


Lightweight yet sturdy:

  • Stable five leg base
  • Mix and Match Holders
  • Fully adjustable Spinners
  • Header Card Holder
  • Space Saving
  • Ideal for high traffic areas!

Wall Displays

The most economical method of displaying your brochures and postcards!

  • Flexibility to be as Small or as Large as required
  • Suitable for all Expanda-stand™ Brochure Holders
  • Designed to give Maximum Brochure exposure
  • Modular design enables unlimited size and combinations!

Foyer Stands

Assembly is simple and quickNo matter how Large or Small your Display Area is Expanda-stand™ Foyer Stands are the Perfect Fit!

  • Lightweight design is perfect for transportation
  • Powdercoat finish is easy to clean
  • Blends in with all decors
  • Excellent as a corner unit
  • The perfect space saving display!

Multi Storage Counter Top Brochure Holders

35mm storage of brochures in each pocketConsolidate your brochures in a multi-pocket or multiple tiered brochure holder storage units.

  • Brochure holder with tiered steps
  • Slant back keeps brochures from flopping over
  • Injection moulded of clear styrene plastic
  • Storage units will save space on your counter top displays and reduce damage to your brochures

For more information on the Expanda-stand™ Brochure Holders Display Systems please contact Delpak